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Natural Language Processing - NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing allows you to classify, understand, and evaluate large amounts of data using a simple machine learning framework. Startup Chefs build dynamic user experiences with intelligent solutions that understand natural speech or writing in order to give consumers sufficient input and insights on ideal actions. We make your consumers your priority and make it easy to employ our diverse solutions to any kind of human expression by means of unique natural language processing technologies.

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Implement the latest AI-based solutions, which combine the most recent technology of Machine Learning, to deal with difficult information interpretation, detection of patterns and trends, target recognition, and clever business consequences. Our promise is to provide effective solutions for fresh ideas for dynamic corporate settings. Deep learning makes it easy to deal with complex arrangements through its unattended learning process. Experience huge ROI growth and stay ahead of the game with our carefully created, successful algorithms.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Machines are far superior to people when massive data volumes are being processed. Instead of the handful that may be recorded in rules, you can detect and identify millions of patterns in a customer purchase experience. In a huge number of transactions, we can detect fraud by using raw data using cognitive calculation techniques. Therefore, we deploy algorithms to prevent our customers from becoming fraudulent.

Analytics monitoring

User Behaviour Analytics

User behavior analysis (UBA) is used as a monitoring system for tracking, collecting, and evaluating user data and activities. Startup Chefs’ User Behavioral Analysis systems analyze historical data logs – including gathered and saved network and authentication logs for the log management and SIEM systems – to identify patterns of normal and malicious user behavior.

Black-box testing

Advanced Business Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics means the autonomous or semi-autonomous analysis of data or content by means of advanced technology and tools generating more insight, prediction, or suggestions than those of classic business intelligence (BI). Our advanced analytical methods include data/text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, prediction, visualization, semanticized analytical analysis, sentiment analysis, network analytics, and cluster analysis, statistical analysis, graphics analysis, simulation, complex processing of events, and neural networks.

Decision Management

Decision Management

Artificial intelligence covers cognitive and physical task automation. It assists people to carry out activities more quickly and effectively and to decide better. Our AI allows decision-making to be automated without human involvement. AI can improve the automation of the workforce and reduce tiresome activities.


Knowledge Virtualization

Knowledge Virtualization enables businesses to enhance analytical efficiency and minimize analytical costs by creating a virtual layer which aggregates data from various sources. Startup Chefs helps businesses to improve data from several sources without setting up expensive data stores or taking time to prepare information.


What are some AI Technologies specific integrations?

  • Recognition of speech: Take audio and learn what the words are.
  • Comprehension of natural languages: Sequences of words and meaning.
  • Computer Vision: Object recognition and world understanding – to offer sensory input for driverless car operation, for instance.
  • Dialog Management / AI: The ability to converse naturally with a person. Take the user’s meaning, consider and decide what is next for SAY and DO.

What is the potential use case for AI in the service of our customers?

Artificial Intelligence can be used in telephony/voice or via web chat, text, mobile apps, or in support of customer service on social media. The optimal way of delivering a seamless omnichannel experience is to support every channel with one underlying Conversational AI. For instance, when a customer reaches out via a mobile phone, Conversational AI should be aware, through the telephone channel, of recent customer support calls: “Sorry, yesterday you had a problem with your internet service, what can I help you with today?”

Do Startup Chefs have the necessary data to feed the AI model?

The quality of the AI model depends directly on your company’s data quality and quantity. The application of AI entails the formation of an accurate and useful data model that can feed AI systems, which enables them to learn to work.

What are the expected returns from applying AI?

A reasonable estimate is created to calculate the return on investment parameters. To implement the plan, possible performance indicators (KPI’s) have been devised to measure the return and to assess the value of the model for the company.

What are the consequences if AI fails?

AI models are based on extremely sophisticated algorithms and statistical correlations, yet the margin of error is always limited. We will examine if the accuracy of these models is predicted to be high enough to continue depending on the systems and data available.

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