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Choosing CRM

CRM selection entails assessing your current company requirements and identifying CRM solutions with the capabilities to meet those requirements. During this step, the necessary adjustments and integrations are also mapped out. 

POC Development

CRM Customization

 We then customize it as per your business requirement and need. To begin, custom fields are added to CRM entities such as leads, contacts, and opportunities in order to capture extra data not available through standard forms. The second sort of customization entails modifying current sales and marketing automation technologies to generate bespoke scenarios relevant to the client’s business. Custom integration with non-CRM products and services is the third form of customization. Integration of CRM with accounting software, for example.

Application Maintenance

CRM Configuration

 Configuring refers to the capacity to use out-of-the-box functions to fulfill business objectives. CRM is configured for secure data access at multiple levels. You might have it at the record level using Security Roles, which allows you to customize the depth of access.

eCommerce Platform Migration

CRM Data Migration and Integration

 We transfer the data from your legacy CRM solution to a new CRM tool. When migrating to a new CRM platform, we consider which data you want to preserve unmodified, rearrange, update, or even remove. And we do point-to-point integration.

CRM implementation process


CRM review and selection

There are a variety of CRM options to select from. We test a range of systems to get a feel of what features are offered and how simple the systems are to use. Selecting the right CRM solutions is crucial, and we make it easy for you.


Project management

Project management provides a distinct emphasis that is determined by the goals, resources, and timeline of each project. So by applying knowledge, skills, tools, and procedures to project activities in order to achieve project requirements we manage the entire works.


Vendor contracting and software licensing

With the growth of virtualization and vendor consolidation, negotiating software licenses has only grown more difficult. We monitor every phase since they are critical when establishing a CRM system.


CRM system customization

We provide a genuinely customized solution that may be tailored to your specific needs. Unique fields, buttons, and layouts may be used to collect diverse information from prospects, build custom views, connect information, test customization before rolling out, and even translate the language and currency to match your users' needs.


Data migration

Migration refers to the process of transforming data from old software into something new. Extending, retiring, or integrating years-old CRM systems with new cloud apps is not easy so Startup Chefs prioritize migration tactics early on to allow a more seamless knowledge move later on.


Training and support

We provide CRM system training in the form of written notes, videos, and other self-paced materials, as well as continuous group and individual instruction. As succeeding with new CRM’s need core skill training which is ensured by our team.


What are the benefits of a CRM system?

Cost savings – Automated and regulated business processes enable you to decrease operating expenses by reducing the number of ordinary tasks that your workers were previously required to complete manually.

Improved service/product quality – By utilizing a CRM system, you can make client connections a top focus for your organization, allowing you to pay greater attention to the level of service offered and customer satisfaction rate. Also, Performance improvement, Increases customer loyalty, Increased number of customers and sales volume and etc

How are we protecting sensitive customer and organizational data?

Security is a major concern, and a CRM system should provide access to sensitive customer and business data and operations. CRM alternatives include on-premise and cloud systems, so consider data security for each technique.

How much IT support will I need?

It relies on the strength of your IT team; unforeseen issues might put a burden on your IT team, stretch your budget, and interfere with other initiatives. If your firm isn’t prepared to deal with technological issues, go with a CRM vendor that provides continuous technical assistance.

How do I choose a CRM Vendor?

Examine the websites of numerous companies to have a thorough idea of the functionality and solutions on offer. Look for providers who provide solutions to the company’s problems.

What outcome can I expect?

You may expect more income, a higher campaign response rate, customer happiness, and better department administration.

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