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Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbot Services

Product Architecture

Hyper-Personalized Way of Communication

Hyper-personalization shows carefully selected content, goods, and services to your consumers with a high degree of granularity, at scale, and frequently in an automated manner, using real-time data and artificial intelligence (AI). It removes roadblocks in the sales funnel that may complicate clients’ buying experiences, reducing the amount of work required to acquire what they want.

RSS auto post

RSS auto post

We’ll let you get real-time updates from your or other favorite websites with this function. It’s a great method to keep your social network feed updated and always share breaking news. RSS helps in scheduling and publishing the information on every other platform we choose to. This helps us maintain standard chatbots to grab attention in accordance with extending out to the target audience.



Being in a bustling world, all-day live chats with clients is not possible. Scheduler plays an essential role in compensating your presence as a helping hand to reach out to clients. The best part of scheduling chatbots is that it minimizes your tasks once it has been set upright. By providing ongoing engagement, you can keep clients engaged with your event or brand over time. To save time, the material can be automated in batches.

Analytics monitoring

Detailed statistics

The chatbot is the e-commerce trend. Statistics show the increasing number of chatbot users with an increase in years. It provides information about the audience volume, their responses. Studies suggest that white-collar workers will be using chatbots by 2022. It helps us enhance our program for the betterment of your company.

Email and phone request

Email and phone request

Wouldn’t it be good to know that when someone visits your site and has a query, they can ping your bot, and your bot responds by pinging you?

That’s what the email widget allows you to accomplish. This feature helps emails reach the chatbot and connect with the marketing firm concerned. Phone bots are made use of in sales and management to provide better clarity to the clients. Schedule and appointments play a major part in maintaining these bots at which we will assist you through.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

Message preview

With Startup Chefs, you can quickly check how your message appears on several devices. Our preview algorithm reassures you to make your platform easygoing. The best interactive prototype emerges in building interrelation with clients. The chatbots are incorporated with voice messages for the better cognizance of clients.

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Chatbot flow test

This works with a predefined flowchart to maintain the flow of the conversation. The seamless development of thoughts and answers in a conversation is vital. Chatbot flow includes its purpose, name, flowchart, and wrap-up. We recommend you preview the chatbot flow and provide it to us.

App feedback monitoring

Chat panel

It consists of a buddy view and menu bar. It also provides suggestions based on the subject intended. The Emoji library is a part of the chat panel to make the conversation exciting. The question sessions contain fallback answers for unexpected questions. The chat panel is inter-connected to your website and social media pages.



Your first impression is the best in a marketing firm. Our specialized autoresponders grab the attention of your clients. AI and custom triggers are available to meet your concerns. It saves the time of the user and the firm.


Are all chatbots related to AI?

No, there are different types of chatbots. There are rule-based chatbots that are created with possible questions and answers beforehand. The AI-based chatbots mimic human language to satisfy the queries according to the client’s requirements.

How easy to customize the template?

If you’re already familiar with Startup Chefs, it only takes a few minutes or seconds. It’s that simple to use our platform! This template will be cloned into a new chatbot once you purchase it. Once within the app, choose “Preview” to run internal tests on the bot, or “Publish” to connect your Facebook page or website before deploying your chatbot in minutes.

Can chatbots have a better conversation?

Yes, definitely. It works its best for daily tasks and commonly asked questions. It helps the client in engaging with the sources of your company and gaining the expected target audience.

How much does a chatbot cost?

The prices completely depend on the program we do to a chatbot and also on the size of the company involved. For, example, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot ranges from $3,000 to $ 5,000 for small ventures.

Who can benefit from a messenger chatbot?

It benefits people handling any companies, organizations, or their own firm, and so on. People always prefer to message than call. So, the messenger chatbots will be a suit for your firm.

How can I improve my messenger bot?

You need to make sure they are simple but seem engaging to the client’s mind. It is suggested to have three messenger bots in a row to look standard and manageable.

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