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Our Independent Testing Services

Functional Testing

Load Testing

A load test is a kind of performance test that analyzes how systems work under a large number of concurrent virtual users that transact for a length of time. We evaluate how many people can handle your system using Load Test. We can set up tests to simulate different user situations that can concentrate on different aspects of your system.

Security reviews

Security Testing

Security testing helps to secure data and information on digital networks by finding potential vulnerabilities and network safety defects while ensuring that the current suggested safety standards are complied with. Our security tests ensure that your systems are safe from attack, vulnerabilities and reassure end-users that your data is always safe from attacks.

Source code repository & versioning

Mobile OS version testing

Mobility testing services have become a vital aspect of software testing with an exponential increase in mobile device use between the general public and commercial companies. Startup Chefs employs unique test methodology and best practices to guarantee the quality of the mobile apps in a fast and efficient way to keep pace with changes in mobile technology.

Progressive Web App Development

Browser compatibility testing

Modern web apps leverage technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, etc. to give a rich usability experience. The working of an app could change in selected browsers, depending on the behavior of such technologies. We at Startup Chefs provide comprehensive assurance in the early phases of software development when checking such compatibility concerns with different browsers.

Product Architecture

White-Box Testing

White Box Testing is a form of testing that assesses the program’s code and internal structure. Testing of the White Box includes examining the code structure. Our tests are carried out to guarantee that internal operations are done according to the specification and we are aware of the product’s internal structure.

Black-box testing

Black-box testing

Black-box testing is a software method that tests an application’s functioning based on the requirements. It is often referred to as tests based on specifications. This test method can be used at all software testing levels, such as unit testing, integration, system testing, and acceptance testing.

Grey-box testing

Grey-box testing

Grey Box Testing is a testing approach conducted with the minimal system functioning knowledge. Grey Box test testers have information on requirements and access to extensive design documentation. The Grey Box tests are produced based on state-based models, UML diagrams, or target system architecture diagrams.

Integration testing

Integration testing

Integrated testing is carried out to test the modules/components to verify that they perform according to expectations. When it comes to testing large applications by employing the black box test approach, numerous modules that are closely interconnected include the combination. For testing these types of scenarios, we employ integration testing technology approaches.

3rd Party Maintenance

Installation testing

Installation testing is unique to distributed software to be installed on your PC or mobile device by end-users. Our method includes full installations, partial installations, configuration choices for installation, patching, and uninstallation.

Integration testing

Sanity testing

Sanity testing, a software test approach that our test team does for certain fundamental tests. When a new building is obtained for the testing the purpose of the fundamental test is to be carried out.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

It is a form of software test used to check whether it works according to the requirement specification of the software program. Functional testing is performed as a black-box test to check that the applications or systems’ functionality is as we anticipate it to be. It is done to check the application’s functionality.

Non- functional Testing

Non- functional Testing

The quality properties of the component or system are tested in non-functional testing. Non-functional refers to software elements that may not be connected with a certain function or user action, such as scalability or safety.


Test automation

Test Automation uses specialized testing tools and compares the actual results with the expected results. Testing Tools enable us to conduct regression tests and automate the creation of data, product installation, GUI interaction, error reporting, etc


Test design and documentation

One of the main duties of a testing team lies in test design and documentation. The testing processes are adjusted to cover the new or changing needs and system functions since requirements and systems design are enhanced over time and via system developments.


Full-Cycle QA

Startup Chefs are well placed to take full-cycle tests to the next level. As you would imagine, at every step of development we can give complete, transparent reporting. The whole SDLC with daily status, particular test progress and completion information, and exact documentation services are covered by our cooperation with you.

Testing Environments

Testing Environments

Test Environment includes aspects that support software, hardware, and network testing. To reveal any environmental/configuration problems, the setup of the test environment must imitate the production environment.


What is the benefit of independent testing?

Independent testing reveals more defects than usual tests since the testing team handles it independently. Independent testers freely report without fear of retaliation.

What are the important steps to solve problems during the testing process?

Record: Log in and deal with any problems occurring

Report: Report the problems to the senior management

Control: Define the process of problem management

How can you eliminate the product risk in the project?

  • Investigate the documentation
  • Discuss the project with all parties, including the developer

Explain which test cases are written first black boxes or white boxes?

The BlackBox test cases are initially written to write the BlackBox test cases; all these documents are readily available at the start of the project and requirements documents are required. When building white-box test cases, architectural understanding is needed and not available at the beginning of the project.

What is the purpose of a test completion criterion?

The test completion criterion is used to determine when testing should be stopped.

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