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Lead capturing and reporting

Lead capture in Startup Chefs refers to the process of saving lead information in order to turn the lead into a paying client. A newsletter subscription or a quote request form on a website, marketplace leads, integration of telephone, and IVR tools is an example of a lead capture page or form. We can assist you in capturing leads and Get a comprehensive report on lead source attribution.

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

Lead sourcing

To source a lead, you must be able to monitor, assign them to the relevant source, score, and segment them in order to begin nurturing. While you are able to accomplish this manually, if you want to scale your efforts, you will need an automated method where we assist you.

Email and phone request

Website call tracking

Tracking phone conversations is one of digital marketing’s toughest (but most crucial) components. We have developed an economical and easy call tracking system at Startup Chefs, which ensures that you always know precisely where your leads are. With Startup Chefs, we can capture your calls into leads.

Testing Environments

Website visitor tracking

Customize your engagement with the prospect, even before your first encounter with them, by studying your visitor footprint on your website. Startup Chefs come with an integrated visitor tracker to your website, so you can transfer your consumers faster.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring

Startup Chefs systems provide point values to numerous activities a lead or customer might take in the sales funnel via lead scoring. A lead is deemed a hot prospect whenever they achieve a certain point total. We help you in knowing when to contact a lead may help salespeople keep on track, concentrate on the correct set of potential clients, and increase productivity.

SEO dashboards and reporting

SEO dashboards and reporting

Startup Chefs creates a bespoke SEO reporting dashboard for your whole marketing team, from the CEO to the SEO, complete with snapshots and unique dashboards, as well as the ability to automate and schedule reports to save time. Also, you can get Complex data, Simple Interface, Custom report with a personal touch and Achieve complete visibility.

User Behaviour Analytics

Social media dashboards and reporting

Social media dashboards and reporting: Your social media strategy entails a slew of tools, and we understand how difficult it is to get your data from each one. That’s why Startup Chefs bring all of your social media reporting tools together in one place. We Simplify your reporting process,Track all KPIs you need, and Customize your social media reports.


Why does Marketing automation fail?

Because, in many cases, there isn’t a top-of-funnel framework in place to enable middle-of-funnel marketing automation. Do you already have all of the leads you’ll need to meet your income targets in your database? Is your fair portion of the available market being taken advantage of?

Many marketers acquire lists of contacts to nurture with marketing automation because they understand that a substantial database of leads is essential for marketing automation to have any impact on their bottom line. This spamming strategy yields a pitiful return on investment. Sending unsolicited emails to individuals who have never requested information from you results in poor engagement and harms your IP address reputation, affecting your email delivery rates, in addition to the expense of obtaining these lists.

Don’t spend money on marketing automation until you’ve established a solid foundation for nurturing campaigns to grow.

What is the Right time to invest in marekting automation?

  • Are you consistently producing fresh and quality leads?
  • Have Marketing and Sales agreed on which discussions should be held with marketing and which should be had with sales?
  • Do you have a content strategy that is aligned with the buyer’s journey?
  • Do you monitor your prospects’ digital body language across all contact points and marketing channels (not just email)?
  • Do you want to scale a successful lead nurturing strategy?


These are all signals that marketing automation might be beneficial to your company.

Is marketing automation effective?

Yes, it is completely effective. In comparison to organisations that don’t employ marketing automation, those who do have a 53 percent greater conversion rate and a 3.1 percent average sales growth rate.

What marketing automation services can your firm provide my company?

Marketing automation helps businesses save time and money by automating mundane tasks. By partnering with us, you will be able to enhance the key indicators. Our marketing automation software enables your company to automate procedures so that you don’t have to waste time on them.

Which industry benefit the most from your marketing automation services?

Our marketing automation services will help any industry. If you’re not sure if marketing automation is ideal for your company, reach out to us at any time and we’ll gladly assist you.

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