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Analytics monitoring

Strategy Development & Insights

We develop a strategy based on the market insight, the separation of a target market niche, a set of clear-cut goals, a decent amount of consumer research, and the implementation of efforts targeted at getting the word out are all vital parts of strategy development, at Startup Chefs.

App feedback monitoring

Content Marketing

Market orientation, research and ideation, content production, editing, and publication are all examples of content marketing services. We create successful marketing assets like blogs, videos, editorials, and advertisements that converse.

User Acceptance Testing

Influencer Relations

Despite the fact that digital impact is growing, the analog world remains important. Customers have been upheaved in a number of ways by Startup Chefs, allowing businesses to gain from Influence Marketing. We use Influencer Relations to allow anonymous consumers to complement and even outperform traditional marketing methods in order to attract the crowd to buy thus leveraging sales.

Testing Environments

Digital & Omni Channel Communications

Startup Chefs omnichannel communication strategy integrates all communications with a potential consumer across all channels. More than 90% of consumers utilize numerous channels to connect with a brand while making a single purchase decision, thus this plan is vital.   An omni-channel strategy entails gathering and exchanging data across many internet platforms and sales channels. This technique has had such an impact that over 75% of customers now anticipate consistent contact across all channels and platforms.

User Behaviour Analytics

CommsTech & Analytics

We’re always improving on the CommsTech & Analytics side, which allows us to measure a range of data points including social amplification, media penetration, the share of speech, and influencer effect, demonstrating the effectiveness of our messaging. Also, preparation, tracking, monitoring, and reporting are all made as simple as possible using our CommsTech & Analytics solutions.

Brand Positioning and Development

Brand Positioning and Development

This is the Who, What, For Whom, What is the need, Who do we compete against, What is our Point of Differentiation, and Why is customer care exercised. These appear to be basic queries, yet they are frequently challenging to fine-tune. Our brand positioning and development services aim to highlight the distinct characteristics and services that set your company or organization apart from the competitors in your market.

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

Communication and Advertising Management

In order to develop the ideal mixture and integration to reach your target audiences and maximum conversion, Startup Chefs integrate a variety of platforms across search and social network, including Google Ads, FacebookAds, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads and optimize your reach and better compare market decisions.

Marketing Mentoring

Marketing Mentoring

On each project, our team employs a methodical problem-solving methodology in which all viewpoints and ideas are explored, researched, and analyzed before drawing a decision. We are committed to mentoring you via marketing and making a difference wherever you serve. We give tools and access to a big global audience.


How do we create marketing schedules?

On a monthly and weekly basis, we design Marketing Schedules. We will maintain a monthly theme consistent from the first day you work with us, and we will also incorporate opportunistic marketing ideas as they occur on a weekly basis.

How do we choose your audience?

We determine the optimum demographic for your product or service to target. Age, household income, interests, and other factors can all be considered. We also choose desirable demographics to boost your development potential.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

Your company is making judgments on the fly if it does not have a formal marketing plan. As a consequence, your marketing efforts become disconnected, squandering time and money on initiatives that may or may not benefit your company. When you write out your strategy, you become more concentrated. The only way to prevent losing sight of what we want to achieve – converting our thoughts into proved reality – is to commit our goals, methods, and actions to a written document.

What is the best social media platform?

It is determined by the kind of your business. After working with you, we’ll determine which routes are the most cost-effective and efficient.

What kind of content do we want to produce?

We’ll sit down with you and figure out the best way to create content for your company. The sector has a significant impact on content development.

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