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OS & Server Migration

Server monitoring

The process of gaining visibility into the activities on your servers, whether physical or virtual, is known as server monitoring. Servers are equipment (or, increasingly, programs) that store and process data that is made available on-demand to other devices, apps, or users. A single server may handle hundreds, if not thousands, of requests at the same time. As a result, ensuring that all of an organization’s servers are performing as expected is an important aspect of IT infrastructure management.

Mobile Application Development Company

App crash monitoring

Mobile crash reporting software continuously monitors mobile applications for crashes and gives information on the cause, consequences, and resolution. These tools will be used by developers and product managers to quickly diagnose and resolve issues with mobile applications. We will receive notifications and reports on the event and will be able to use this information to promptly remedy difficulties.

Analytics monitoring

Analytics monitoring

Mobile analytics monitoring entails analyzing and monitoring data created by mobile platforms and properties, such as mobile sites and apps. The analytics solution from AT Internet allows you to track, measure, and analyze how your mobile users interact with your mobile sites and apps. Mobile analytics data can be used for better cross-channel marketing campaigns, better your customers’ mobile experiences, and increase mobile user engagement and retention.

App feedback monitoring

App feedback monitoring

Capture feedback and data monitoring to enhance your application regularly. Startup Chefs allow you to build, test, and implement any application in any cloud or on-site. Find out how feedback mechanisms are recommended and designed, create a routing procedure to feedback system development teams, and optimize feedback mechanisms.

Security reviews

Security reviews

Mobile application security measures applications from external threats such as malware and other digital frauds that risk hackers’ important personal and financial data. In today’s environment, the safety of mobile apps has become equally vital. An infringement of mobile security can allow hackers real-time access to personal life and divulge information such as their present position, banking information, personal information, and much more.

Third-party integration update reviews

Third-party integration update reviews

Services for third-party API integration are used for websites or web apps that help to handle business processes effectively. With the help of API Integration services from third-party companies, we can deliver a better client experience and improve its online services. For third-party integration services, Startup Chefs can offer your business the best Third Party API integration solutions. Behind the scenes of development

Performance Testing

Performance monitoring

Over 350 Performance monitoring nodes are located across the globe, allowing you to monitor from anywhere. User interactions from genuine browsers, Tier 1 Internet Service Providers, and wireless networks are all simulated. Monitor your internal mobile websites or applications from behind your firewall, within your datacenter or private cloud, using our private monitoring nodes.

IOS Application Development

App store management & monitoring

App Store Management & Monitoring is an easy-to-use tool for managing your app store. Automate the translation and distribution of your app descriptions to both main app stores. Alternatively, we can add keywords, titles, and sentences automatically translated. Your apps will be translated, localized, and new users would be identified in all regions. We distribute localized versions of your apps as well as app descriptions to expand your market.

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

Hosting & third party payment monitoring

The rapid adoption of smart mobile devices has prompted a whole slew of apps to include third-party in-app payment, which entails more complex interactions between multiple parties than traditional payments. On both the Android and iOS platforms, we have around seven instances of security rules for you.

Source code repository & versioning

Source code repository & versioning

A range of advanced hosting tools is available for the repository. The strengths and weaknesses of each code repository system. In addition, each hosting tool offers different supports for the version control systems that underlie it. This Guide will help you learn about the requirements which can affect the tool that best fits your team’s needs for repository administration.


What is the advantage of app maintenance?

App service maintenance includes various advantages, like enhanced software libraries, enhanced user experience, incorporating technical improvements, regular application monitoring, cost reductions, ROI increases, etc.

Why should I opt for app maintenance services?

It aids in the proper operation of your product, the fulfillment of end-user expectations, and the avoidance of future dangers that could result in a significant loss for your company.

What does the app maintenance cost?

Well, after your application’s health and performance, the costs of maintenance and support are often different. It reflects how much assistance the software has to work effectively.

How do you perform app maintenance?

App maintenance is carried out in several processes, including problem analysis, monitoring and testing, corrective and preventative maintenance, functionality improvement, and application upgrade.

What type of post-launch maintenance service do you offer?

We offer application maintenance for a wide range of mobile and online applications. We help your app to fit the rapidly expanding design and technological development.

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