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Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a technique that checks if the software works correctly and meets the demands before release. This approach of testing software employs scripted sequences which are run by tools. Automated test tools carry out software reviews, report results, and compare results with previous test runs. At any time of day, automatic testing may be performed frequently. This technique is consistent with ongoing testing and integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) software development approaches which aim at manually intervening transferring changes to codes into production without gates.

Web Application Testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a sort of testing of the software which verifies the software system according to the functional requirements. The functional tests are designed with the objective of testing each function of the application by supplying the proper input to check the output accordingly. This test checks the user interface, APIs, databases, security, communication between the client and the server, and other application functions for the test. The tests can be performed either manually or automated.

Game Testing

Game Testing

Game Testing is a testing software procedure for quality control of video games. The basic objective of game testing is to find, find and enhance the stability and performance of video game failures and bugs. Testing is a part of the production of the game which helps verify that the video game is bug-free.

Localization Testing

Localization Testing

Localization testing is a type of software test that tests the quality of a product for a particular culture or location. Only a local version of the product is tested locally. Localization tests guarantee that the application is capable of being utilized in this particular area. It just tests the user interface, the language vocabulary, currency format, and date and time.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a software test that validates the correct performance of software programs under their expected operational load. This is a test approach to measure system performance under specific workloads in terms of sensitivity, reactivity, and stability. Startup Chefs Performance testing is a procedure through which a product is analyzed for quality and capability.

Flutter Mobile Application Development

Android & iOS App Testing

Mobile Testing Tools help automate your Android and iOS testing applications. The test software can reduce the time required for testing and the probability of human errors during testing. Test your app on a diverse range of Apple iPhones, iPads, and operating systems hosted by Startup Chefs. Continuous testing includes all of the most recent models, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and so on.

Security Testing

Security Testing

The service is designed to push hard not only the app’s defenses themselves but also its servers. It is ideal for commissioning, third-party insurance, post-attack analyzes, audit, and regulatory applications for essential service quality and independence needs. The Mobile Security Testing service (Penetration Tests), which comprises the testing of both the network’s and the application layer, ensures that PCI DSS requirements are respected. Startup Chefs is an authorized PCI scanner (PCI ASV).

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing allows CRO to improve by uncovering users’ intentions and needs, deciding to remedy certain malfunctioning components of an application, and adding additional features. Mobile applications’ usability tests are to monitor users utilizing your application. Startup Chefs’ objective of the test is to measure the ease of use of the app and discover how it may better support the primary marketing goals of your business.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Every mobile test project must face a number of mobile environment unique problems. Startup Chefs follows perfect Mobile Application Testing Strategies. Our QA team takes into account the various versions of each system that accompany different devices. We have cloud-based testing options to access the devices, frameworks, and other resources necessary. Our testers are technical experts in the management of the mobile test frames, scripts, etc.


What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile application testing is the process of testing mobile applications for usability, functional, and consistency issues.

How is Mobile Application Testing most important?

Although you can not overlook any of the above kinds of testing, some are certainly more careful than others. Examples include user interface testing to ensure color schemes, uniformity, menu styles, navigation, etc. In addition to the stated ones, a monkey test of the program is particularly required if continuous, invalid user inputs are provided to check application stability.

Can mobile application testing be automated?

Yes, it can. Mobile application testing can be the reason various mobile testing tools like TestingWhiz, TestComplete, M-Eux, Robotium, etc. are being introduced into the market for mobile application testing.

Mention the typical issues identified during mobile testing?

Critical, Block, Major, and Minor.

List out the best practices for Android Testing?

When writing code, our developer prepares the test cases simultaneously.

All test cases are stored in combination with source code.

We use ongoing integration and perform testing.

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