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Product Ideation

Product Ideation is essentially an official component of the development process. It brings together the whole group to use product owners, designers, developing companies, QA, and architects’ thoughts, experiences, and ideas. The idea behind it is straightforward; our team has more information, experience, and insight than a single person individually. This can be done through product ideations and applied to a specific product.

Product Architecture

Product Architecture

Startup Chefs determine the function and team activities of the architecture in the product development process early. Due to its drive for design and its important cost impact. The grouping of functional parts of a product is the product architecture.

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Product Design

Product design discusses how things are designed, created, and iterated that solve problems or satisfy specific demands in a certain market. An understanding of the end-user, for whom the product is designed, is our key to successful product design. 

POC Development

Product Development

A product development process refers to a whole range of operations in which a corporation designs and makes a new proposition. The development of new products generally takes place in stages, phases, or stages in which a business designs a new product idea and then investigates, plans, designs, prototypes and tests it before it enters the market. 

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Product Testing

Product testing is the performance or characteristics assessment of a product through numerous tests. For example, it can be used to check that a product operates well and is consumer-friendly. Startup Chefs do product tests, covering the ideas, development, and production phases, in any stage of product development. 

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Product Deployment

Product deployment comprises all stages, processes, and activities necessary to make a system accessible or update the intended users of the system. Startup Chefs’ product developers use manual and automated methods to update, patch, and new apps. Our most frequent product deployment operations include release, installation, testing, deployment, and monitoring for performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Product Support

Product support and maintenance are very important for product firms since they strive to provide their customers with a seamless and efficient experience. The shift in business needs and the tightened scrutiny of IT spending have made product firms recognize that they need proven processes to develop new applications and manage old ones. We have already had a number of long-standing agreements at Startup Chefs with several ISVs to provide a supporting ecosystem.

Black-box testing

Component Delivery

The component Delivery team concentrates on the end-user feature of one or more sections of the product. These emphasis regions are usually called components that can be likened to sections of a plugging machine. A cross-functional and agile component team. Our team uses their skills and knowledge to create reliable, reusable, and testable components.

3rd Party Maintenance

Project Salvation

Projects that have not been completed or documented are salvaged. We assess the product, develop a complete strategy, and see your program through to completion.


What is Product Engineering?

Product engineering aims to transform an idea into a marketable product. It refers to a series of procedures from the conception, development, testing, implementation, and subsequent maintenance and re-engineering of products and products. It can cover various areas of mechanical, hardware, embedded and product design software components.

What is meant by embedded software engineering?

The process of designing specialized software to control machinery and equipment that is different from traditional computers is the embedded software engineering process. Based on the nexus of non-computer-based software engineering, embedded systems are built.

What is design thinking in product engineering?

Design Thinking is a novel solution technique. It provides a user-oriented and solution-based approach to complicated challenges using a strategic design methodology. It allows the combination of technology and business models, by focusing the customer on the whole of the product development path, to resolve customer difficulties or discover a better answer to the present method.

What is Product Design?

Product design can be established by precisely articulating the present issues, providing a specific solution to these difficulties, and then validating the solution with real consumers in order to establish a product opportunity on the market.

What is a product prototype?

A product prototype is a basic functional sample, mock-up, model, or simulation that gives a concrete form to your ideas. Prototyping is also sometimes called materialization since it is the initial step in the transformation into a true physical embodiment of a notion or idea.

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