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POC Development


We are deeply aware of your product, its industry, and its competitors, as well as its clients through our thorough research. This enables us to determine the direction of design needed for the best user experience and interface.



Storyboarding is a method that allows you to visually predict and explore a user’s product experience. It’s a lot like thinking about your product like it would be a movie about how people use it. Startup Chefs helps you understand how people engage over time and gives you a clear feel of how to develop a strong narrative.

Integration testing


Our main aim of the sketches is to visualize the basic idea – the appearance and functionality of the user interface rapidly. The drawings are primitive, yet they allow us to draw your concept more quickly. Startup Chefs allows you to view the notion in pixels with software tools when we wireframe which are highly detailed.

Web Application Development

Visual Design

Startup Chefs Visual designers strive to increase the esthetic attractiveness and usefulness of the design/product using the appropriate images, typography, room, layout and colors. Our designers carefully place pieces to build interfaces that improve user experience and drive transformation.

Web Application Development Company


A wireframe is a web page layout which shows what interface elements are available on key pages. The interaction design process is a vital component. Wireframes can also be utilized to construct global and secondary navigation that fits user expectations in terms of the vocabulary and structure utilized for the site.

UX Design process



UX analysis is a set of recommendations which increase the ease of use and overall user flow of a digital product. The UX analysis of Startup Chefs will result in a user experience demonstrable improvements which will be shown once applied. These can boost the conversion rate and increase user participation and retention.


Interface architecture

Interface architecture enables us to represent a wide variety of user interfaces and platforms of client software, web sites and pages, and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Startup Chefs employs engaging representations of physical equipment and platforms to make these models appealing and usable for user walk-throughs.


Sketching & Wireframes

Sketching & Wireframe is a rough sketch of your user interface for any masterwork, or the 2D CAD modeling for a cutting-edge engine.. It is devoid of all visual design. Startup Chefs’ goal of having a sketching & wireframe is to represent the core idea of your product in an elegant manner. Sketching & Wireframes are essential in the early stages of product development. They aid in the weaving of your thoughts and provide a basic structure for the final product.


Dynamic prototype

A dynamic prototype is a simulation of a finished product, a demo that allows you to visualize a concept and engage with its capabilities. Our prototypes can range in complexity from a few clicks to complicated mathematical calculations and dynamic content generation.



Editing is an essential element of the design process because it lets teams improvise how well the product looks and fits. Editing enables to learn more about what needs to be improved and is generally performed precisely at the final stage of the UX Design process.

UI Design process


Design references

The use of references both in UI design and in art studies is vital, and are aimed in making the minutest variances. This intends to inspire people to explore new and distinctive creative ideas. References are also a wonderful approach to understand and implement basic patterns in your present work. The essential issue is not to overuse the copy of your work.


Graphic interface

Graphic interface sets the standard for a user-centered design in software application programming that enables users to manipulate graphic images directly, such als buttons, scrollbars, windows, tabs, menus, cursors, and mouse pointing device instantly on computers and other electronic devices.


Animation prototype

Prototyping tools have developed over the last several years so that we can test nearly everything – from low-trust wireframes to high-trust animations. The ability to prototype complex interactions saves us tons of time and allows us to test various forms of motion and the timing of animations to make us develop something efficient.


UI guidelines and kit

A UI Kit contains key assets such as fonts, layered files, icons, documentation, and HTML/CSS files. With a few buttons and design elements, UI kits can be rather easy or quite robust with toggles that modify fly font, colours, and forms.


Design review

Design review is a key step that should be taken into account in every product design process. In such an examination the designer monitors the different experiences he or she has made in order to ensure that their realization is as expected.


Is your team experienced to design my website?

Yes we are! We have an excellent team of skilled scientists, designers, painters and animators who look after your website.

How long does it take to design a website?

Design projects and their schedules vary greatly according to project requirements. Usually, it may take 1 – 3 months to complete the design procedure for a well-researched website with individual illustrations.

Can you build a prototype ?

We build prototypes, as a project requirement, often times disconnects can occur without taking the time to properly visualize the product or platform giving it life so to speak eliminates missteps and helps ensure we meet your deadlines with exceptional results. We have whole teams of designers, skilled “what kind of” scientists, painter and animators who bring their expertise to your project.

How do you approach the design of your website?

In order to grasp intricacies and requirements of your website each project will be allocated a delivery/design management expert in Design leadership.

Do you outsource UI/UX of my product?

No, we do not, outsource, having the business and marketing teams in place and working with the designers, scientists, painters and animators are a lot of moving parts, and our customers value time to market, to deliver the goods so to speak requires a heavily integrated approach focused on user adoption and retention.

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