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OS & Server Migration

OS & Server Migration

Startup Chefs assist enterprises to move swiftly and, most significantly, with little risk to the latest versions of server and client operating systems and new DBMS versions. OS migration services include consultancy, solution design, and application migration, user and server platform migration. This is particularly important for organizations processing personal and confidential information.

3rd Party Maintenance

3rd Party Maintenance

Third-party maintenance (TPM) is hardware support for servers, storage, and networks. Maintenance from third parties is a solution to the warranty and support offered by the typical manufacturer of original machinery (OEM). For example, to support your IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, or Cisco equipment in your data center instead of the OEM service, you would have an external maintenance service provider.

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Bug Fixes & Task Tracking

Your team will be able to work with Startup Chefs to address bugs by logging them as issues through our bug tracking software. Issues are the key location where you can discuss, work on, and resolve each bug. They keep track of who is working on your code and when, and they explain crucial information about any modifications made to it.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

With companies constantly evolving, businesses need to drive changes in the application environment while retaining the existing mission’s ore IT application and infrastructure. To prevent system outages and enhance the performance and effectiveness of app portfolios, Startup Chefs have tailored application maintenance and support services. Our mature project management and application maintenance methods optimize costs and maintain high levels of service.


Why does my web application needs annual maintenance?

It is very necessary to maintain the web application features with recent trends and developments with various application features popping up from time to time. Your application can only be updated, secured, and able to fulfill current customer requirements with annual maintenance.

What is done during Web Application Maintenance?

We deliver the most recent security fixes on your systems to prevent hijacking and attacks on harmful websites. Updates to software Software updates are installed The latest version of the software is installed using software updates. Restore and backup Check backup times and execute website restoration testing. Maintenance of the database Check and purge database logs, optimize the database, restore, and backup.

What are the package options available?

You Pay As You Go

We provide the pay-as-you-go option to take on support and maintenance plans even for modest budget sites. Professional support service is provided with your pay-as-you-go plans without reductions on the monthly schedules.

Maintenance and support plans

Choose from our free website support and maintenance programs. Get savings and bonus times if you plan or make pre-payments for monthly support.

Can I hire a Web Application Developer dedicated to our company?

Yes, we provide our customers with the option of hiring our skilled dedicated web app developers who will concentrate solely on your project and deliver it on time and within budget. For additional information, please contact one of our executives, who will walk you through the various hiring and outsourcing methods.

How should I proceed with the maintenance?

From your point of view, all we need is your site login and technical details you may have to face. You will then slumber quietly while conducting a full website audit, identifying and resolving problems, and making the adjustments and recommendations required. Around the clock, our courteous team of support can respond to any questions via telephone, email, and chat.

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Startup Chefs’ web application maintenance services are here to offer a wide variety of maintenance and support packages for you.

Your software must adapt and expand with your business as it expands and the needs of your customers change. Startup Chefs assist with the upgrading of Web Application Maintenance for systems such as eCommerce stores, web applications, and any other sort of cloud-based B2B or B2C software.
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