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Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a sort of black-box testing that is based on the specifications of the software component under test. It is a quality assurance (QA) method. The internal program structure is rarely considered when evaluating functions by feeding them input and reviewing the results (unlike white-box testing). The system is tested against functional requirements and specifications in the source code during functional testing.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

GUI Testing is a procedure to test the graphical user interface of the application to ensure the appropriate functionality of the application according to specifications. The application components are checked, including buttons, icons, checkboxes, color, menu, windows, etc. In accepting an application with the user, the visual dynamics of a web application play a central part. 

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

When your application’s functionality is ensured that all browsers and devices run properly and responsibly, it is necessary to examine how it performs under severe demand. This involves testing the application at various internet speeds and how it works with typical and high loads (load testing). It is increasingly stressed until it stops working to identify the breaking point of your application (stress testing).

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is a type of test done either by end-users or customers to check/accept the system before transferring the software application into the production environment. before moving the program to the production environment. UAT is performed after functional, integration, and system testing in the final step of testing. UAT’s major aim is to validate business flux end-to-end. The focus is not on aesthetic faults, spelling issues, or system testing. User Acceptance Testing is conducted with a production-like data configuration in a separate test environment.

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Usability extends beyond testing functionality and integrates functionality testing with the overall user experience. Testing of usability should not be combined with testing for user acceptance. Although the success of a web application depends on both. They all have a very diverse focus and are carried out at various phases in the life cycle of software development.

Security Testing

Security Testing

The web application must be tested for security once it is constructed. This form of testing covers a variety of techniques to identify and improve the weaknesses of the app. Through security testing, we:

  • Authorized testing access to secure pages.
  • Without proper access, restricted files will not be downloadable.
  • After extended user inactivity, check sessions are automatically killed.
  • The website should redirect to encrypted SSL sites when using SSL certificates.


What Is Web Application Testing?

Web Application testing is the process of putting an application through its paces under controlled settings. Web Application testing is carried out in order to assess the operation’s outcomes. The controlled conditions in testing would comprise both typical and abnormal situations. In order to assess if an application works effectively and is error-free, testers would purposefully try to make things go wrong while testing it. Testers, developers, and project managers are common members of software testing teams. QA testing is also included in Web Application testing.

When should testing be stopped?

With the more complex new software applications, it is harder to assess if the test should cease. There are several common factors, though, that can help you decide whether to terminate the test. Once test cases are finished, the test budget is depreciated, the beta/alpha phase is done, bug rates have reduced and deadlines have ended, the request must stop being tested.

Is the website accessible on the various devices owned by end-users?

Assuming that our website can be viewed by a variety of users using a variety of devices, we must ensure that the website functions properly on all of them. Compatibility Testing and website compatibility checks should be performed to ensure this. Compatibility testing ensures that a website works properly on a variety of browsers, operating systems, and devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and printers.

Will the website operate well with the other process interfaces?

Interface level testing is used to ensure that the website interacts smoothly with various interfaces such as the Web Server and Database Server. The tester must ensure that the application requests are properly sent to the database and that the correct information is provided to the client as output during interface testing. At all times, a web server should not throw denial exceptions, and the database should always be in sync with the application.

Will the performance be up to the mark?

Performance testing can be used to assess the performance of a website application. It will assess an application’s performance under a range of workload scenarios, which may be a realistic situation. If the system is launched without first completing performance tests, it may have issues such as slow performance or poor usability, both of which may negatively impact the brand’s image and market sales.

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